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PI lawyers pay attention

Minnesota LawyerApril 12, 2011

Minnesota Lawyer

Minnesota Senate to hear testimony to repeal "no fault" today

“No fault” has been a battle point among insurance companies and plaintiffs’ attorneys
for many years. Previous attempts to change or get rid of the system went nowhere under the Democratic controlled legislature but the Republican takeover of both bodies this year has changed the landscape.

Minnesota is one of only a handful of states with a no fault system. Backers of repealing the arrangement say it will cut down on frivolous lawsuits and lead to cheaper insurance rates for all Minnesota drivers. Opponents of the bill say repealing the system will make it harder for Minnesotans who are injured in a crash to collect money for their medical expenses. Jim Carey, the president of the Minnesota Association for Justice, and a lawyer at SiebenCarey has routinely said that he is willing to talk about changing the system, but only if it will make it more efficient for regular Minnesotans, and not just benefit insurance companies.

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