ATV Accidents

Take Safety Seriously This Spring


Riding an All Terrain Vehicle or ATV is a popular recreational activity as the weather warms up. Because an ATV is a heavy piece of equipment that can travel at high speeds, riders should follow safety recommendations to avoid accidents that can cause serious injury and even death.

  • Do not carry passengers unless your ATV is designed for more than one person.
  • Only ride an ATV that is appropriate to your size, according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Stay on marked trails and obey trail signs. Avoid public roads.
  • Operate the ATV at recommended speeds, taking into account trail conditions and visibility.
  • Avoid riding at night when visibility is poor.
  • Always wear a helmet, eye protection and proper clothing.
  • Never use alcohol or other drugs when operating an ATV.
  • Fatigue can also affect your ability to operate an ATV. If you are not adequately rested, stay off your ATV.
  • Take an ATV safety course offered by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).


In 1987, ATV manufacturers agreed to stop producing three-wheeler ATVs because of their high incidence of rollovers and injuries. However, because existing three-wheelers were not recalled, millions of these unsafe vehicles remain in use across the United States. If you choose to operate an ATV, make sure it's a four-wheeler.