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Firm Helps Dog-Attack Victims Recover for Injuries

Several years ago, 10-year-old Karen Clark* was invited into a friend's yard to play. Suddenly, and without provocation, the friend's dog attacked Karen, savagely biting the little girl's abdomen and left leg.

Karen's injuries from the attack included a serious laceration and a bruised liver and although she has recovered, the child was left with scars that will never fade away.

Regrettably, Karen's case isn't unusual. Dogs are great companions and have earned the reputation as being "man's best friend" but having a companion dog does not come without risks.  A state report based on hospital discharge data and medical records from the Minnesota Hospital Association showed a 40% increase in victims of dog bites seen in hospitals and emergency rooms in the state from 1998-2005.  75% of those victims were bitten by dogs that were known to them. These numbers attest to the fact that not all encounters between humans and our four-legged friends result in positive, mutually satisfying experiences.

Whatever the nature of their injuries, those attacked by dogs in Minnesota are generally protected by state law. In fact, Minnesota Statute 347.22 states that dog owners are responsible for injuries and disabilities suffered by victims who are attacked while "peaceably conducting (themselves) in any place where (they) may lawfully be in an urban area." And that's why our lawyers assist an increasingly number of dog-attack victims each year in collecting the compensation they deserve under the law.

In the case cited above, Attorney Jim Carey negotiated a settlement to compensate Karen Clark for her injuries and for the scars that were left behind.

"An individual dog of any size or breed may be capable of causing accidents or injuries, so all strange dogs should be approached with caution," says Jim Carey, who has handled several dog-attack cases for our clients. "However, if you're injured by a dog or other domestic animal, talking to a personal injury lawyer could be the best way to be certain you'll get the compensation you're entitled to."
*Client names changed to protect privacy.