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A wrongful death lawsuit arises when a family member is killed as a result of the negligence of another. The surviving dependents or beneficiaries may be entitled to damages as a result of the defendant's wrongful conduct.

This type of claim is different from a normal negligence lawsuit, which is filed by the person injured. Originally under "common law" a wrongful death claim did not exist based upon the reasoning that the claim died with the victim. The surviving family members could not claim damages from the person who caused the death.

Over the years, states have passed "wrongful death statutes" that provide compensation for persons who may have been damaged by the death of a loved one.

What caused the wrongful death? Our investigators and attorneys are aware that shining light on the facts can offer some level of closure to the family. Was a drowning accident caused by noncompliance with swimming pool regulations? Was a car accident the result of a drunk driver's recklessness? Did a fatal truck accident happen because of driver fatigue or poor maintenance? Was a motorcycle accident caused by an inattentive driver?

There is no compensation that can make up for the accidental death of a family member. We work closely and compassionately with families to help them understand how the accident happened and to obtain compensation for financial losses as they try to move on without a loved one.

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