Arbitration Verdict plus $120,000 No-fault Award


Litigation Type - Auto Accidents

Client Injury - Knee and Hip Injury

Cory Whalen was contacted by a former client of his when he slipped on the running board of his truck and fell, injuring his knee and hip.  Unfortunately, not three months after signing the retainer agreement, a vehicle spun out in front of this same client, causing a severe collision and causing additional neck injuries to the man.  Multiple accidents unfailingly result in complications for the client as well as the attorney.  Whalen, however, was up to the challenge.

Whalen fought for three years for this man as he underwent multiple surgeries and recovery periods.  After a successful pursuit of no-fault benefits, the man’s insurance company provided $120,000 to Whalen and his client.  Pursuit of the liability claim for the second incident found Whalen and his client before an Arbitrator after the at-fault driver’s insurance company refused to move from their offer of $20,000.  Whalen persisted and the Arbitrator awarded $93,808 to Whalen and his client.

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Cory P. Whalen

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Daniel Ball
Really good professionals, they solved my issues in no time using the most impressive and advanced approach. Really good, highly recommended
Jazz Smith

SiebenCarey is a professional and dedicated law organization that help accident victim.

St. Paul Local 12
Thanks for everything, your experience paid off BIG!!!
Carly R.

My boyfriend was hit by a car and while all the attorneys he talked to said he didn't have much chance of a case, SiebenCarey took him on and gave him a fighting chance. He's still recovering, but SiebenCarey is making it a lot easier.

Jenna L. at Insider Pages
I have had nothing but great service with these guys. They are very knowledgable on a wide variety of subjects and topic. They will help you with any case you need!

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