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Brutal Bar Assault Causes Permanent Brain Damage

Litigation Type - Other Accidents

Client Injury - Permanent Brain Damage

Our client and friends were drinking heavily at a bar in St. Cloud, MN.  When they left the bar, intoxicated, our client went with the defendant and a woman to a "party", which turned out to be the defendant's apartment where he brutally assaulted our client.  Our client was found by other residents approximately two hours later, lying on the floor in the apartment building.  Due to the serious injuries he sustained from the assault, our client spent over a year at the Courage Center and has permanent brain damage and required 24 hour care for the rest of his life.  The defendant was arrested and charged with 1st Degree Assault and pled guilty to those charges and was incarcerated.

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Hit and Run Driver Found by Diligent Investigation

Litigation Type - Car Accidents

Client Injury - Leg Injury

Our client was a passenger on a motorcycle that was struck by an SUV that ran a red light. The driver of the SUV had been drinking and left the accident scene. Months later, after extensive police investigation aided by the law firm's investigator, the police charged the driver of the SUV with leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, he was found guilty and served time in jail.

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Distracted driver causes car crash

Litigation Type - Car Accidents

Client Injury - Traumatic Brain Injury

In 2007, a bread delivery truck driver who was on his cell phone crashed into the vehicle of our client who was on his way to work in Wabasha, Minn. Our client suffered a brain injury and shoulder and neck and knee injuries, and has since had memory problems.

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Construction site accident litigation successful

Litigation Type - Construction Accidents

Client Injury - Permanent Visual, Dental, Orthopedic, and Neurologic Injuries

Our client was performing general masonry clean up on the third floor of the Science Museum project in St. Paul. She fell 30 feet through a hole in the floor. She suffered serious and permanent visual, dental, orthopedic, and neurologic injuries. She underwent plastic and reconstructive surgeries and suffered both mental and emotional damages.

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Independent contractors injured on construction site when porch collapsed

Litigation Type - Construction Accidents

Client Injury - Severe Injuries

A father and son were independent contractors on their first day at a new job site applying siding to a single-family home. Part of the home was too tall for their ladder to reach so they had to place it on the second floor balcony. The father was holding the ladder for his son, who was applying the siding. As they were working, the porch detached from the house and fell to the ground, taking the father with it and leaving his son clinging for life on the roof of the home. The father suffered life-threatening injuries because of the fall and was put into a medically-induced coma.

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Semi-truck rolls through stop sign and causes accident

Litigation Type - Semi Truck Accidents

Client Injury - Head Injury, Neck Injury

Our client was a passenger in a pickup truck that was hit by a Peterbilt truck at an intersection. The truck had come to a rolling stop for the stop sign and was traveling 5-10 mph into the intersection. The pickup our client was riding in was speeding and the driver did not have time to react to avoid the collision and ran directly into the side of the semi truck. Rescue personnel used the "jaws of life" to remove the roof of the truck to access our client. He was taken by helicopter to North Memorial Hospital due to his serious injuries. He suffered head injuries, femur fracture, collarbone fracture, multiple rib fractures that punctured his lung, foot and toe fractures, a bruised liver and a laceration to his leg that required staples.

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Drunk Driver causes car accident

Litigation Type - Drunk Driving Accidents

Client Injury - Severe Back Injury

Our client was delivering newspapers along his paper route. While standing outside his truck taking papers from the bed, he was struck by a vehicle driven off the road by an intoxicated minor.

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Armored Truck Collides With Motorcycle In Intersection

Litigation Type - Motorcycle Accidents

Client Injury - Fractured Back

Our client was traveling on his motorcycle northbound on West River Road in Minneapolis. As he approached the intersection of West River Road and West Broadway, he noticed that the stop light was red. Our client stopped at the intersection and waited until the light turned green.

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Tragic boating accident caused by driver negligence

Litigation Type - Boating Accidents

Client Injury - Severe Injuries

Our client and a friend were riding on the bow of a boat on Lake Minnetonka. Their legs were underneath the railing that wraps around the bow of the boat and their legs were hanging down the side of the boat. The boat hit a wave and the railing on our client's side broke and both she and her friend went off the boat. Her friend was able to grab onto the railing as he fell and he didn't go completely into the water. Our client went into the water and under the boat and she was severely injured by the prop. Others on the boat were able to pull her from the water and get her to shore. Ambulance paramedics assessed her injuries and immediately called for a helicopter to take her to North Memorial Hospital. There doctors rushed her into surgery; she had a large open wound exposing her kidney, spleen and bowel. She lost or damaged 10 ribs, muscles and soft tissue in her abdomen, chest, back and flank. She experienced numerous surgeries and her doctor stated that this was the most horrific, severe boating injury she has ever treated and that our client is lucky to be alive.

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Medical Malpractice claim filed for surgical mistake

Litigation Type - Hospital Negligence

Client Injury - Numerous Infections, Permanent Injuries

Our client underwent surgery to prevent a cancerous bladder condition.  According to his surgeon, the surgery was a success and he was released from the hospital 8 days later. Approximately three weeks after the surgery, our client was re-admitted with severe fever and vomiting. CT scans were obtained and showed that a laparotomy pad or sponge had been left inside our client's body cavity during the original surgery.

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Ely, Minnesota Resident Wins Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Litigation Type - Medical Malpractice

Client Injury - Heart Attack

An Ely woman was awarded more than $281,000 in damages by a Virginia, Minnesota  jury in her civil suit against a local pharmacy. Jurors ruled in favor of our client in a malpractice suit filed against Martinetto Drug, Inc. The three-day trial in Sixth District Court stemmed from an incident when a pharmacist who owned and operated the pharmacy mistakenly gave a prescription for the drug Glyburide to our client when she should have received another medication. As a result, our client's blood sugar was lowered and she suffered a non-fatal heart attack.

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Army Master Sergeant Injured in Collision Between Two Planes

Litigation Type - Other Accidents

Client Injury - Back and Leg Injuries

Our client was a passenger on a flight from Minneapolis/St Paul to San Antonio, Texas. As the Airbus was backing away from the gate, it was hit by a DC-9; the collision occurred when the hydraulic system on the DC-9 failed and the airplane lost steering and braking ability. The two planes were evacuated and at least 11 people were injured. Our client, a successful soldier in the U.S. Army, injured his leg and back and received a medical discharge as a result of the injuries he received in this accident. His promising military career was cut short and he was able only to earn a much lower income than he had in the Army. He lost other military benefits for himself and his family and his physical limitations prevent him from living the lifestyle he had worked so hard to attain.

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