Verdicts and Settlements

$9,100,000.00 Jeffrey M. Montpetit
Jeffrey M. Montpetit

Landmark Tuberculosis Class Action Lawsuit

Litigation Type - Other Accidents

Client Injury - Tuberculosis

United States District Court Judge approved a landmark settlement in a class action stemming from a TB outbreak at the Ramsey County Correctional Facility. Read More

$9,000,000.00 Arthur C. Kosieradzki
Arthur C. Kosieradzki

Preventing Sledding Accidents

Litigation Type - Product Liability

Client Injury - Paralysis

A Hennepin County jury returned a favorable verdict for a paralyzing injury a young boy suffered while riding a popular plastic sled sold by the K-Mart Corporation. Read More

$6,000,000.00 Arthur C. Kosieradzki
Arthur C. Kosieradzki

Motorcycle Enthusiast Seriously Injured

Litigation Type - Motorcycle Accidents

Client Injury - Head Injury

A motorcyclist hit by a semi truck sustained a serious head injury. Art Kosieradzki proved that the semi driver was responsible for the accident. Read More

$6,000,000.00 William O. Bongard
William O. Bongard

Train Accident Kills Four Teens

Litigation Type - Train Accidents

Client Injury - Death

Bill Bongard represented the family of one of the teens killed at a railroad crossing. He and attorneys for the other teens filed a claim against the BNSF railroad for negligence in causing their deaths. Read More

$5,000,000.00 SiebenCarey

Sodium Given in Place of Formula Causes Brain Damages

Litigation Type - Hospital Negligence

Client Injury - Brain Damage

Sodium given to newborn in place of formula causes brain damage. Read More

$4,700,000.00 Harry A. Sieben, Jr.
Harry A. Sieben, Jr.

Brutal Assault Causes Permanent Brain Damage

Litigation Type - Other Accidents

Client Injury - Permanent Brain Damage

Harry Sieben represented man who was brutally assaulted after drinking at a bar. Read More

$4,250,000.00 SiebenCarey

Mistake By Surgeon & Anesthesiologist Causes Complete Quadriplegia

Litigation Type - Medical Malpractice

Client Injury - Quadriplegia

Paul Schweiger represented a woman who underwent a neck surgery that resulted in a severe spinal cord injury. Read More

$4,000,000.00 SiebenCarey

Surgery for Tumor in One Kidney Results in Loss of Both Kidneys

Litigation Type - Surgical Complications

Client Injury - Loss of Kidneys

A mistake by her surgeon caused a young girl lose both kidneys. SiebenCarey obtained a settlement that will help provide for the life-long medical expenses she will need. Read More

$4,000,000.00 Paul K. Downes
Paul K. Downes

Motorcycle Driver Needs Leg Amputation

Litigation Type - Motorcycle Accidents

Client Injury - Leg Amputation

Paul Downes represented a 26 year-old man who suffered multiple fractures to his lower leg, a shoulder injury, and “road rash.” One year later, the client required amputation of his lower leg. Read More

$3,750,000.00 Jeffrey S. Sieben
Jeffrey S. Sieben

Winter Preparations Saddle Client With Lifelong Injuries

Litigation Type - Car Accidents

Client Injury - Brain Injury

Michael agreed to help a neighbor place markers for the snow plow drivers in their neighborhood. When the pickup truck Michael was seated on lurched forward, he was seriously brain injured. Read More

$3,600,000.00 James P. Carey
James P. Carey

Unsafe Sanitation Practices Cause Serious Injury

Litigation Type - Car Accidents

Client Injury - Amputation of legs, paralysis

A collision occurred between our client and a garbage truck one early morning when it was facing the wrong direction in the roadway. Read More

$3,150,000.00 SiebenCarey

Mishandled Labor and Delivery Results in Cerebral Palsy

Litigation Type - Birth Injuries

Client Injury - Cerebral Palsy

SiebenCarey represents parents and their daughter for life-long injuries caused by a mishandled delivery. Read More

$3,000,000.00 Robert T. Brabbit
Robert T. Brabbit

Salesperson Injured On Sales Trip

Litigation Type - Auto Accidents

Client Injury - Spinal Cord Injury

Our client suffered a cervical spinal cord injury that rendered him a quadriplegic. The employer denied liability claiming the sales incentive trip was not in the course and scope of employment. Read More

$2,625,000.00 Cory P. Whalen
Cory P. Whalen

Passenger in Semi Crash Suffers Permanent Injuries

Litigation Type - Semi Truck Accidents

Client Injury - Back, Spine and Pelvic Injuries

Our client was asleep in the sleeping compartment of a semi-tractor when an accident occurred. The semi driver fell asleep and drove down a large embankment causing the accident. Read More

$2,550,000.00 Cory P. Whalen
Cory P. Whalen

Drunk Driver Kills Pedestrian

Litigation Type - Pedestrian Accidents

Client Injury - Death

After a young man was tragically hit and killed as a pedestrian by a drunk driver, his distraught family turned to SiebenCarey for legal help. Read More

$2,500,000.00 James P. Carey
James P. Carey

Man Falls Through Roof on Construction Site

Litigation Type - Construction Accidents

Client Injury - Orthopedic and Brain Injuries

Our client, a union roofer, fell through a hole in the roof that was covered with plywood but not properly secured. Read More

$2,100,000.00 James P. Carey
James P. Carey

Client Awarded $2.1 Million For Devastating Car Accident

Litigation Type - Car Accidents

Client Injury - Traumatic Brain Injury & PTSD

Jim Carey tried a case for a Chisago City woman who was badly injured in a car accident. The at fault driver's insurance company refused to admit fault or offer compensation until litigation was initiated. Read More

$2,050,000.00 Harry A. Sieben, Jr.
Harry A. Sieben, Jr.

Hit and Run Driver Found by Diligent Investigation

Litigation Type - Car Accidents

Client Injury - Leg Injury

Our client was a passenger on a motorcycle that was struck by an SUV that ran a red light. The driver of the SUV had been drinking and left the accident scene. Months later, after extensive police investigation aided by the law firm's investigator, the police charged the driver of the SUV with leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, he was found guilty and served time in jail. Read More

$2,000,000.00 SiebenCarey

Failure to Diagnose Heart Problems Result in Emergency Surgery

Litigation Type - Medical Malpractice

Client Injury - Aortic Dissection

Our client sustained a massive aortic dissection. An emergency surgical repair saved our client's life but left him Pacemaker dependent and with cognitive deficits. Read More

$2,000,000.00 Paul K. Downes
Paul K. Downes

Football Player Blinded in Assault

Litigation Type - Other Accidents

Client Injury - Loss of Vision

A former football player with the Nebraska Cornhuskers was awarded $2 million by a Hennepin County jury for injuries he suffered during an attack at a bar in the Minneapolis Warehouse District. Read More

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Daniel Ball

Really good professionals, they solved my issues in no time using the most impressive and advanced approach. Really good, highly recommended.

Jenna L. at Insider Pages

I have had nothing but great service with these guys. They are very knowledgable on a wide variety of subjects and topic. They will help you with any case you need!

Jesse Bukal

In need of a personal injury attorney? Well you're if you're reading this you're in the right place. You'd be hard pressed to find more competent attorneys than the ones here at SiebenCarey.

They took my case to trial and an amazing job presenting the facts and fighting for my best interests! Three years ago I was unsure of what my future would bring; now that it's over I can rest a bit easier. With SiebenCarey as my counsel, I believe I had the absolute BEST representation a person could've asked for. I knew that I wanted the absolute best representation when searching for an attorney to handle my case and I most definitely received it.

If you need a personal injury attorney, look no further. Can't recommend highly enough.

Jazz Smith

SiebenCarey is a professional and dedicated law organization that help accident victim.

St. Paul Local 12

Thanks for everything, your experience paid off BIG!!!

Eric Petoletti

Even though I was states away and could only talk on the phone, they listened and did everything that they could to win my case. I felt like I was a part of the family.

Morgan Petoletti

My husband had an amazing experience with this firm. They listened and took the time to understand our case.

Renee Goneau

SiebenCarey is a great personal injury law firm that really cares about their clients.  Highly recommend!

Carly R.

My boyfriend was hit by a car and while all the attorneys he talked to said he didn't have much chance of a case, SiebenCarey took him on and gave him a fighting chance. He's still recovering, but SiebenCarey is making it a lot easier.

Heather Beal

When someone asks me to refer them to a personal injury lawyer, I immediately give them Jim Carey’s name and contact information at SiebenCarey in Minneapolis. Jim is more than a top-rated, expert personal injury attorney, he is an empathetic and compassionate listener. He sees people, not simply case files. He has represented my friends well by sincerely caring about the immediate and lasting effects that injuries from car accidents, negligence or other circumstances have had on their lives.

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